Published Works by David J. Icove

Electric Crimes Needs Assessment for State and Local Law Enforcement

Authors: by U.S. Department of Justice, Hollis Stambaugh, David S Beaupre, David J Icove, Richard Baker, Wayne Cassaday, Wayne P Williams Just as the Industrial Revolution brought unprecedented opportunity two centuries ago, so too has the Information Age. But the astronomical rate at which global technology has grown has opened new windows of opportunity for crime […]

Computer Crime: A Crimefighter’s Handbook (Computer Security)

Authors: David Icove, Karl Seger, William VonStorch Terrorist attacks on computer centers, electronic fraud on international funds transfer networks, viruses and worms in our software, corporate espionage on business networks, and crackers breaking into systems on the Internet…Computer criminals are becoming ever more technically sophisticated, and it’s an increasing challenge to keep up with their methods.Computer […]

Forensic Fire Scene Reconstruction (2nd Edition)

Authors: David J. Icove Ph.D. PE, John D. De Haan Completely updated in a new edition, this book remains the best resource for a thorough understanding of fire dynamics, describing and illustrating a totally new systematic approach for reconstructing fire scenes. The approach applies the following principles of fire protection engineering along with forensic and behavioral […]

Combating Arson-For-Profit: Advanced Techniques for Investigators

Authors: David J. Icove, Vernon B. Wherry, J. David Schroeder Combating Arson-for-Profit: Advanced Techniques for Investigators is a practical, step-by-step, how-to arson investigator’s guide. It provides a model for structuring investigations with emphasis on planning, coordination, and scrupulous attention to records and details. The authors tell how to conduct an investigation and how to collect […]

Forensic Fire Scene Reconstruction (3rd Edition) (Fire Investigation I & II)

Authors: David J. Icove Ph.D. PE, John D. De Haan, Gerald A Haynes Forensic Fire Scene Reconstruction, Third Edition, describes and illustrates a new systematic approach for reconstructing fire scenes, applying the principles of fire protection engineering along with those of forensic science and behavioral science. Modern fire investigation topics are covered, including comprehensive documentation, hypothesis […]

Kirk’s Fire Investigation (7th Edition)

Authors: John D. De Haan; David J. Icove Ph.D. PE As fire investigation continues to evolve, author John DeHaan, a forensic scientist with extensive experience in all phases of fire and explosion, is joined by recognized forensic fire engineering expert David Icove for the 7th edition of Kirk’s Fire Investigation, the leading and most widely […]