Published Works by J. Reid Meloy

Stalking, Threatening, and Attacking Public Figures

Authors: J. Reid Meloy, Lorraine Sheridan, Jens Hoffmann; Public figures require attention, whether from a constituency who votes them in or out of office, shareholders who decide their economic benefit to the corporation, or fans who judge their performances. However, on the periphery of this normal attention resides a very real risk; that of a […]

The Scientific Pursuit of Stalking

Author: J. Reid Meloy; Dr. Reid Meloy’s ninth book provides his vast research on stalking and obsessional following and summarizes the implications of that research. Framed with a beautifully haunting cover painting by Konstantin Dikovsky titled, “The Hidden,” Dr. Meloy has produced the most comprehensive chronology of what we know about stalking yet published. It […]

The Rorschach Assessment of Aggressive and Psychopathic Personalities

Authors: Carl B. Gacono, J. Reid Meloy; This book provides a definitive empirical study of antisocial character pathology and its assessment through the use of the Rorschach. Drawing upon a decade of research with nearly 400 individuals in various hospitals and prisons, the authors paint an extraordinary intrapsychic picture of the personality structure and psychodynamics […]

Contemporary Rorschach Interpretation

Authors: J. Reid Meloy, Marvin W. Acklin, Carl B. Gacono, James F. Murray, Charles A. Peterson; Appreciation of the beauty and complexity of the human mind when perceiving an ambiguous stimulus led Dr. Hermann Rorschach to develop his scientific method eighty years ago. Full of gratitude for his brief life and work, the editors hope […]

The Psychology of Stalking: Clinical and Forensic Perspectives

Author: J. Reid Meloy; The Psychology of Stalking is the first scholarly book on stalking ever published. Virtually every serious writer and researcher in this area of criminal psychopathology has contributed a chapter. These chapters explore stalking from social, psychiatric, psychological and behavioral perspectives. New thinking and data are presented on threats, pursuit characteristics, psychiatric […]

The Mark of Cain: Psychoanalytic Insight and the Psychopath

Author: J. Reid Meloy; The Mark of Cain makes available for the first time the accumulated psychoanalytic understanding of the psychopathic mind. Editor Reid Meloy, a leading authority on the psychology of the psychopath, has brought together in a single collection the most historically important psychoanalytic papers on the psychopath – papers by Helene Deutsch, […]

Violent Attachments

Author: J. Reid Meloy; This book is written for psychotherapists, psychologists, psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, and social workers in clinical or forensic practice. Biological foci include concepts about the deep limbic structures of the brain and the biochemistry that inhibits or disinhibits such violence. Psychological patterns include both psychoanalytic constructs and the specific psychological test data from […]

Violence Risk and Threat Assessment: A Practical Guide for Mental Health and Criminal Justice Professionals

Author: J. Reid Meloy; Perhaps the most readable and practical book on violence risk ever written. Reflects the standard of practice in the field. “Reid Meloy is a leader in the arena and I highly recommend this book to members of the criminal justice and mental health communities. He has written about a very complex […]

The Psychopathic Mind: Origins, Dynamics, and Treatment

Author: J. Reid Meloy; Forensic psychologist Reid Meloy identifies psychopathology as a deviant development disturbance characterized by inordinate instinctual aggression and the absence of a capacity bond. It is the definitive book on the subject. “This is a superb presentation of what is currently known about the psychopathic personality and its functioning. The discussion is […]