Published Works by Janet R. Oliva

Sexually Motivated Crimes: Understanding the Profile of the Sex Offender and Applying Theory to Practice

Author: Janet R. Oliva; In cases where minimal or no physical evidence exists, behavioral evidence may be all that investigators have available to help them focus the investigation. It may be the only aspect of the case that can link one unsolved case to another, or to numerous other unsolved cases. Sexually Motivated Crimes: Understanding […]

The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Model of Collaboration between Law Enforcement and Mental Health

Authors: Michael T. Compton, Beth Broussard, Mark Munetz, Janet R. Oliva, Amy C. Watson; Collaborations between the law enforcement and mental health communities have become vital as law enforcement officers are often first-line responders in crisis situations involving individuals with mental illnesses. A nationally recognized example of a pre-booking jail diversion program, the Crisis Intervention […]